The future of weddings – what do you predict?


The future of weddings – what do you predict?

The future of weddings – what do you predict?

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Wedding suppliers, creatives, photographers – brides, grooms, planners and stylists: this is for you!

I’d like to collaborate with you on an article about the future of weddings. And I’d welcome ALL thoughts on the subject.

How do you think Covid will impact the future of weddings?

From this summer through to 2023 we’re expecting VERY busy seasons…

…but what about afterwards?

Will coronavirus have a huge effect on the long term nature of weddings?

I’ve heard various theories:

– that after covid, we’ll all be in party mode and weddings will be bigger and better than ever
– that after covid, we’ll still be wary of big celebrations and we’ll spend less
– that after covid, micro weddings will be popular because basically they’re just lovely

Which sounds right to you?

I’m also keen to quote industry experts on more thoughtful aspects of the impact of the pandemic on weddings. Will it make couples more cautious in booking suppliers? Will we focus on human connection more than details – and how will this impact how weddings look? Will couples spend longer planning, or will there be more “we planned it all in a few weeks” kind of weddings?

Please do email me with your thoughts: those used in our article will link back to your website and / or instagram as appropriate.

Thank you!

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