Our booth is one of a kind, we know it inside out… after all we built it !

The advantage of this is that we have adapted it over the years to make it as good as it could possibly be. Housing the best software & technology, it delivers an uninterrupted user experience from the beginning to the end of your event.

Super simple to use with amazing results.

The back black panels and side silver panels are encrusted in glitter that just shimmers under your venue lighting.

We have a large inside touch screen TV for you to choose one of 360 backgrounds pre-loaded into the system. Whatever background you have chosen will be automatically be placed behind you on your printouts.

The booth has a monitor TV outside so anyone waiting can watch what’s happening live inside the booth, this is great fun !

We also have a satellite monitor on a stand pointing out to your guest seating area.

The booth has it’s own lighting system, it doesn’t matter if we are in darkness or light, the pictures are superb everytime.

Your prints are printed using the best dye sublimation printers and on the highest grade media available… so good in fact that they are both waterproof & 100 year fade resistant

The booth is fully automated but we stay with it throughout your hire,



Choose from over 350 backgrounds loaded into the booth to have the background magically placed behind you on your print outs.


Everything that happens in the booth is displayed on the outside screen for your queuing guests to watch. This can be great fun!


Use the simple touch screen inside to choose your backgrounds and start your session process.


It’s so simple to operate the Groovyboove Photo Booth, we are there to help if needed.


The booth is as glittery as it comes, great in the dark with the disco lights shining on it.

The Photo Booth is for indoor use only. Marquees (Professional / Hired) are OK.

The Booth Dimensions…

We require only space and a mains socket to operate.

On the night….

We arrive at your event usually 60 – 90 minutes before your booked time.

E.g. for an 8pm start, we arrive at 6:30pm.

Setup takes between 30 – 45 minutes. We are very quiet & very quick.

We fully test our systems before your hire & run off a test print to show you your great printout design.

Your hire consists of sessions.

We call your print outs session prints. On each visit to the booth, the booth will take 4 photographs with your chosen green screen background.

It will lay the 4 photographs magically on your printout design. Once your guest/s exit the booth the 1 printout will be ready approx 30 secs later.

This is a session. You can have as many sessions as possible during your hire.

If you have ordered double prints, the booth will print 2 copies.

If you have ordered double prints & an album, the booth will print out 3 prints. 2 for your guests to keep and one for the album.

If you have ordered an album, we take the opportunity to have your guest/s to write a special message in the album whilst waiting for their printout. The album is presented when we leave.

We stay with the booth and help your guests where required & also entertain with our humour !