How It Works

The Photo Booth is really simple to operate. We stay with the booth throughout your hire to make sure your guests get the ultimate experience and for any help they may need.

Your guest/s enter the booth and choose a background – there’s lots to choose from… over 350 in fact. They do this using our large easy to operate touch screen.

When they are happy with there choice, a camera icon on the screen starts the photo session.

The Booth will take 4 photo’s, each photo has a countdown so there’s enough time to change props or strike that amazing pose!

The user will be able to see themselves on the screen inside, as will your queuing guests on the outside screen.

After the session is complete, our booth magically places the chosen background behind each of the 4 users 4 photo’s.

This is then printed out automatically a minute later on the beautifully designed template we make for you. This template is based on your colour scheme or theme.

The booth will print one print per session unless you have purchased an upgrade.

You & your guests can have as many sessions as you like during your hire period.

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