Emily & Rhys’ Intimate Wedding Abroad


Emily & Rhys’ Intimate Wedding Abroad

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While the things to do list for weddings in the UK can be long, there is a lot less stress when it comes to getting married abroad. We found out all about Emily’s Greek wedding to Rhys, which happened in July 2019 in Kalitthea Springs, Rhodes.

Speaking about why they chose to get married abroad, Emily said: “When we pictured ourselves getting married, we wanted to be surrounded by our closest family and friends in a beautiful but simple venue that had lots of flowers and natural light. Living in the UK, weather can be unpredictable, so we wanted to increase our chances of getting married in the sunshine by choosing to get married abroad.

“We had also been to a few destination weddings previously and absolutely loved the atmosphere. We also found it really hard to find a suitable venue in the UK as a lot of the venues we liked required a large number of guests which we didn’t want.”

Let the planner do the planning

Once Emily and Rhys decided to get married in Rhodes and had their wedding date confirmed, the couple started planning with the weddings administrator based in Rhodes. “They pretty much organised most things,” said Emily. “The only things we organised were our legal documents, and personal touches like our wedding favours.”

“We were assigned our wedding planner a month prior to our departure, and that’s who was with us on our big day. The wedding planner was great – we met with them a few days prior to the ceremony and handed over our favours but they arranged absolutely everything for us. We didn’t have to worry about a thing!”

As the couple were getting married in Greece, they wanted their wedding day to reflect that. With 34 people in attendance, Emily and Rhys held their ceremony in a local venue and their wedding reception at a local family-run Greek taverna. “We chose this based on handy recommendations from our wedding co-ordinator,” she said.

“Our tables were set up under a wooden gazebo that faced the sea. As we were getting married in Greece, we wanted our wedding day to have the little things that reflected the culture so we opted for a Greek BBQ menu with traditional meze for dinner and had local Greek dancers as well.”

No stress

If Emily had one tip for brides-to-be, it would be to get married abroad and don’t stress. She said: ” My piece of advice for future brides would be to not stress about the planning process.

“In the UK, you can start the planning process 3-4 years in advance but getting married abroad is very different to getting married in the UK. You can normally only book the wedding 1-1 ½ years in advance and the wedding planners arrange a lot of weddings and work in date order so it’s quite normal to be starting the process a few months before departure. It doesn’t sound like a long time but trust the process as the planner will arrange everything for you.

“If you want to plan as much as you can then I’d recommend getting dates in to talk with your wedding co-ordinator – ours was amazing! I would 100% recommend booking your wedding abroad with TUI, especially in Kallithea, which was just beautiful.”

Invest in extras

“We bought extras like a photographer, floral decorations, table decorations, hair and makeup, and a Greek barbeque menu for our wedding meal. We also upgraded bouquets for myself and bridesmaids, ordered button holes for the wedding party, and champagne for our guests.

“And for the evening, we booked some local Greek dancers. Everything was perfect from start to finish – it’s really hard to choose just one highlight.”

For more information on booking your dream wedding abroad, visit: www.tui.co.uk/holidays/weddings

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